OMG! Bacary Sagna Completely Shaves His Dreadlocks. See How He Now Looks.

Oh My God! What is this I just came by on Facebook. You guys need to see this. Was first thinking it was an edit but no, it isn't. It's real!

Former Arsenal defender, Bacary Sagna who left us last season had been known for carrying dreadlocks but right now, he has completed shaved all that off. His head now looks as plain as a mountain top.

I could still remember him making a promise never to cut off his dreadlocks. He has now gone against that pledge

A lot of fans who dropped comments said he was better off with his dreads and said he looks odd in his new look. Below is the picture of the Manchester City right-back.

One said that it is frustration that has made him do so while one dropped a sarcastic statement, saying that he looks so handsome in his new cut. He was also tagged 'cartoon' and 'nightmare' by two others.

Which do you prefer? Sagna with or without dreadlocks? As for me, I am going with the former.

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