See Picture of Jack Wilshere Kissing A Lady.

An image of Arsenal midfielder, Jack Wilshere has surfaced on the internet and in that picture, he is seen kissing a lady who we all know is not his long-time girlfriend.

Wilshere has been with Lauren Neal since the year 2009 and this recent picture has raised questions over the relationship of the duo who already have two kids, Archie and Delilah. Many are wondering if there had been a breakup between the English international and his partner.

The picture you see below was posted on Instagram by Wilshere last night. He had his mouth glued to a lady. Who she is is still unknown to us but we hope to get the info about her soon. The image caption read: “Summer time with this one”.

The fact that he was seen with another lady should not give the impression that he is no longer with Miss. Lauren because that might not be the case. It could have been a mere hangout. It is in my continent, Africa that such things are usually given negative interpretations. Lol.

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