Sunday, 7 June 2015

We Do Not Need New Summer Signings, Says Arsenal Star.

Aaron Ramsey

Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey insists Arsene Wenger's current sqaud is capable of challenging other league rival for the title and as such does not necessarily need more additions.

According to the Wales international, the club has endured for years to build a strong squad and now that they have got it, he wants them to hold on to the players they have. He doesn't think Arsenal lack anything at the moment.

He said: “Every club brings in a new faces and a few will leave. But even with this group of players now I believe if everyone was fit in the season we would have a great opportunity of competing for the Premier League.

“This team has come on a lot over the last few years and if we can get off to a good start next season we will challenge.

“The club is in a good place. They don’t have to let players go and we’re building on this team rather than players leaving and you have to rebuild around those left. It is a nice feeling and means that the group can stick together. The understanding is there already so it can only get stronger.”

Ramsey's view will certainly be rubbished by many Arsenal fans who expect the manager to add at least four more players this summer. A goalkeeper, a central defender, a defensive midfielder and a striker are what supporters have demanded from the current transfer.
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