Why Petr Cech Has Still Not Arrived for Arsenal Medical.

Eversince yesterday, various reports concerning the Petr Cech deal had surfaced on the tabloids. It was claimed that he was on his way to Arsenal to have his medical.

Till this moment, we have still not heard anything concerning the success or failure of the medical which has made many start to wonder what has gone wrong.

A series of jokes have been made out of the scenario, one of which is: 'Petr Cech and Arsenal must be vying for the Guinness World Record for the longest medical ever."

Another is a picture of Petr Cech riding to the Emirates Stadium on a snail. Being a slow animal, the snail hasn't been able to get to Arsenal, hence, the delay in the medical.

People could be so funny when it comes to matters like this. How possible is if for a human to ride on a snail? Is a snail that big? Can't stop laughing! Cech has already agreed personal terms with Arsenal. The £10.9million move should be completed and announced before the end of next week. The 33-year-old will sign a three-year contract which will see him earn £100 000 per week. No cause for alarm, Cech is a Gooner!

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