Arsene Wenger Responds to Jose Mourinho Once Again.

Arsene Wenger has debunked claims by Jose Mourinho who stated that Arsenal have dropped their cautious approach in the transfer market and joined the big money spenders.

The Chelsea manager made this statement following Arsenal's transfer activities in the last two seasons which saw them secure the signings of Mesut Ozil, Alexis Sanchez and Petr Cech. Mourinho sees this as a great move and believes Arsenal will tensely compete for the Premier League title next season.

In response to this, Wenger made it clear that the club still follows its principles by spending only when the need arises and when the needed resources are available. The Frenchman also said that the Gunners will not make outside opinions put them off balance.

"We spend when we think we have to spend and do not listen too much to what people think or say," said Wenger.

"We just try to make the right decisions. When we have the money available, we spend it. When we don't have the money, we don't spend the money we haven't got."

"I believe that one day if you make real statistics of the players we have developed here and compare them to the other clubs, you will be surprised," continued Wenger.

"I think what you want is not to listen too much to what people say, because sometimes in the same week I get two different reproaches: one I don't spend enough and one too much.

"I believe if you want to create success, which we want desperately, is to focus on inside and try to do as well as we can, believe in the football we want to play, play it as well as we can and let other people talk."

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