CONFIRMED: Petr Cech's Jersey Number at Arsenal Revealed.

Many of us have waited to know what jersey number Petr Cech will get after joining Arsenal from Chelsea last month and I am pleased to inform you that the suspense is over.

Petr Cech will be wearing the number 33 jersey next season. This information was first revealed by some Twitter news sources on Saturday evening. In case you have some doubts over the credibility of these sources, let me tell you that the man himself has disclosed that.

The Czech international broke the news via his official Twitter handle, @PetrCech. According to him he picked that number for three different reasons. You will marvel when you get to know what it symbolises.

The first is that he is 33 years old. The second is because he wants to be the spine of the team and since the human spine has 33 vertebrae, he went for that number. Lastly, he has made a total of 333 Premier League appearances. Take out one '3' from '333' and you'll arrive at 33.

We have got an intelligent goalkeeper. I guess the atmosphere at the club has already started having a positive impact on him and I believe Cech will make a great deal of difference in our team. Can't wait to see him in action for Arsenal. Wishing him all the best!

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