Find Out UK and Nigerian Time for Arsenal v Everton Barclay Asia Trophy Final.

Arsenal v Everton Asia Nigerian Time

Arsenal played their first game in the 2015 edition of the Barclays Asia Trophy competition on Wednesday and it was quite unfortunate that many who wished to watch the game missed it. This was because they were not aware of the correct kick-off time.

The confusion came as a result of the location where the tournament is holding. It's in Singapore. They have a different time zone from that of UK and Nigeria, so the inability to make the right conversion made the fans miss the match.

For this reason, I decided that I do not want such to re-occur which is why I am making this post to inform readers from Nigeria and the United Kingdom of the time the final encounter between Arsenal and Everton will be later today.

Arsenal v Everton Barclays Asia Final Nigerian Time
In Singapore, it will start by 8.30pm and since they are 7 hours ahead of both Nigeria and the United Kingdom, the time for the game in the two named countries will be 1.30pm.

Barclays Asia Trophy Final
Arsenal v Everton
Saturday, 18th July, 2015
1.30pm UK and Nigerian Time

Take note and do not fall into the same trap again if you were one of those who did when Arsenal thrashed a Singapore XI side 4-0.

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