Olivier Giroud Wants To Have Talks With Thierry Henry.

Olivier Giroud Wants To Have Talks With Thierry Henry.

Arsenal striker, Olivier Giroud has said he would love to meet with Thierry Henry after the legend's criticism of his abilities.

Henry who is now a pundit at Sky Sports said following the Gunners' goalless draw with Chelsea in April that Giroud was not the kind of striker needed by Arsenal if they are to win the Premier League.

This statement angered the former Montpellier star and he made his mind known through an interview with L'Equipe. Giroud stated that he was embarrassed to hear such from no other person but Henry. He however went on to say that the Arsenal legend only said so because he was labelled 'dull' in his analysis.

The French international now wants to come one-on-one with Henry in order to get a clearer understanding of what he really meant as he believes he did not do so to hurt him.

"To be honest, when you are a footballer you don't have to listen to people commenting about your performance," Giroud, who scored 19 times last season despite missing three months with a broken ankle, told the Daily Mail.

"The main thing is not to have any doubt when you miss a chance or miss a game. It can happen sometimes. The best thing is to forget about the comments straight away and to keep the head up and not let it affect your qualities.

"I know Thierry and I knew what he wanted to mean. If I see him we will have a conversation between two men. I'm not angry against him but it's true that I didn't understand at first. I think he reacted about his words and explained them more.

"But it's alright. I'm not going to be upset about that. I'm sleeping well and as long as my family is OK that's the main thing. It doesn't affect me too much."

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