WOW! Arsenal Top 'Most Watched Club' List.

Arsenal have been named the most watched club in London and the second most watched in United Kingdom behind Manchester United.

This conclusion was made after a recent study by Sky Sports revealed the TV behaviour of over half a million subscribers in the country. At the end of their survey, they were convinced that Arsenal have more viewers than any other club in London.

The Gunners took the lead in about 33 areas in the UK which include the North, North-West, South-East, West and South-West London. It was only in Ilford, Bromley, Twickenham and Kingston-upon-Thames that Arsenal failed to come out on top.

Manchester United claimed victory in 49 regions to become the most watched in the entire country while Arsenal were second with leads in 33 regions.

Elsewhere Liverpool won in 21 regions, Newcastle United in three, Leicester City in two and Swansea City in one.

Funny enough, Manchester City, 2014 Barclays Premier League title winners and runner-up of the 2015 edition were unable to win in any region. Swansea on the other hand got just one win which came from their own area, the city of Swansea.

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