Arsenal's £48million Bid for Karim Benzema Accepted by Real Madrid.

Arsenal's pursuit of a striker has taken a positive twist as a £48million bid for Karim Benzema has been accepted by Real Madrid. This is according to Rodney Marsh.

It has been a while Arsene Wenger has been looking for the missing piece in his team which is a striker who can score goals that will have a positive impact in the Gunners challenge for a Premier League trophy. No such striker has been signed eversince the departure of Robin Van Persie some years ago and right now, the French boss seems to be ready to fill that void.

Some names have been linked since the window opened in June but the ones still making the news till this moment are Benzema and Cavani. That of the former looks more realistic of the two especially with this revelation from a reliable source who claimed Real Madrid are now ready to sell him to Arsenal after previously stating he will not be sold out.

According to Marsh, a source which had in the past been on track on transfer issues have made him know that the Spanish giants have agreed a deal with the Gunners.

He said: “I had a phone call from a mate of mine, and he’s been right on many things, and he said that he believes Real Madrid have accepted a bid somewhere in the region of £48million for Benzema from Arsenal.

“In the past this guy has always been right, he’s never been wrong yet, so we’ll have to wait and see.”

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