Roy Keane Launches Fierce Attack On Arsenal Players.

Former Manchester United star, Roy Keane has said that a number of Arsenal players are so interested in taking selfies and building six pack and for this reason, he does not see them winning the Premier League anytime soon.

As a Red Devil, Keane was often involved in fierce clashes with Patrick Vieira and now he seems to still have such rivalry in him as he has hit out at the Gunners as 'too interested in physical appearance'.

"Arsenal have some really good players - some good characters who roll their sleeves up," said Keane, who is quoted in a number of Sunday's newspapers.

"But they also have one or two players who are more interested in selfies and six-packs, guys who are trying to get their pictures taken every day of the week.

"Instead of focusing on the Premier League, it's all about how their bodies look, how their hair is.

"Listen, every year we hear the same thing about Arsenal being contenders. Instead of focusing on the Premier League, it's all about how their bodies look, how their hair is, more so than winning football matches."

I keep wondering why all these chaps love taking jibes at Arsenal. If it isn't Michael Owen who is saying something disgusting about us, it will be some other persons.

Keane should just lay low and leave our players to their lives off the pitch. How does taking selfies and building one's physique lead to failure? Is it that players of teams who win league titles do not take pictures or build six packs?

I believe Keane is just trying to make himself heard after a while off the papers. What he just did is a kind of 'notice me' stuff and trust me, twitter had already gone gaga on this issue. Check through with the tag 'Roy Keane' and see what you'll get.

No time for irrelevant things. Community Shield on the way and that's our concern for now. Also looking forward to a nice season ahead so we care less about the negative things people say about us.

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