A Gunner's Week in Retrospect.

For the vast majority of Arsenal supporters the past seven days have been somewhat controversial. From the unusual consequential red cards to the usual English F.A's after-match decisions, not to mention the regular divided opinions from our boss, Chelsea's boss and even some random football pundits.

The week kicked-off with a trip to Dinamo Zagreb's home ground on Wednesday where we made our 2015/2016 Champions League debut. Although, the team lost fairly, a host of other fans are still convinced that it was a loss single-handedly inflicted on us by our supposed top striker, originating from gross indiscipline on his own part and this has only moved to add up to the growing doubt about his first team place.

I don't want to sound too critical here but you would agree with me that he has been somewhat of a liability to the team especially on very bad days. Although it was particularly a surprising one for the Gunners on a day that they were expected to emerge victors against a relatively less difficult side or at least a side that was supposedly the easiest in the group ,it turned out that was only a meagre part of the whole package of woes that awaited us.

On our arrival at Stamford Bridge on Saturday, we expected a harsh and quite hostile atmosphere considering our initial victory at Wembley few months earlier and damn right we got something even worse.

Well, for all who watched that match, I bet you could tell easily that Mike Dean's officiating at that critical moment of chaos played quite a role in landing Chelsea the win. The match was already heating up with the right vibe before the bust-up and even though there is the claim that the whole incidence wasn't conspicuous to the ref, I still think he should have made a better judgment and this has also been the conviction of many including the F.A .

Another particularly welcoming news is the overturn of Gabriel's ban and a penalty for Diego's bullying action. Yes, we lost and that's irrevocable but there is the feeling of contentment that justice has taken its course .

Furthermore, for our third away match on a row , we got our win which was instigated by a rather unsuspecting player in the person of 'Flaming' Flamini who seemed so determined to prove Wenger right on his decision to give him the nod for the first time this season. He came fighting hard and so did some of the members of the team (Gibbs specifically). The week couldn't have ended any more complicated ( having Flamini score two on derby day).

By and large, the week in retrospect for a Nigerian Gunner like myself was one with quite a controversial nature and revealed truths like the fact that Arsenal could actually amass three red cards in two games within a space of three days.

Another is the fact that the F.A moved quickly to our defense which is somewhat of a mystery as well. I just hope that we continue with the present form against Leicester during the weekend and hopefully see-off our Champions League opponents as well. Enjoy the rest of an Arsenal action-filled week. Article was written by Chimezie Azih.

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