REALLY? Jose Mourinho Says He Will Sign Every Arsenal Player.

Chelsea manager, Jose Mourinho has said that he would sign every player in the Arsenal squad. He made this statement after his side's controversial 2-0 win over the Gunners at Stamford Bridge on Saturday.

Don't get it twisted! It is not as if he is trying to sign all Arsenal players, we all know that is impossible. What he implied by that statement was that all players in Arsene Wenger's team are capable of winning titles and as such could fall into the Chelsea team whenever they become available for a transfer. According to him, Arsenal have what it takes to be champions.

"I tell you, if one of their players is a free agent and they don't want him there, I get every one. I like all of their players."

"I think Arsenal have the squad to be champions. And every season I feel that."

The Portuguese insists Arsenal can achieve success in the league with the resources [players] they currently have despite haven't won it since the 2003/04 season.

Arsenal have secured a total of ten points from six games in the league so far and are five points behind leaders, Manchester City and even though they were defeated by Chelsea last Saturday, they are still ahead of the Blues with three points.

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