Arsene Wenger Reveals What He Does Before Signing Players

Arsene Wenger Reveals What He Does Before Signing Players

Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger has made known one of the criteria he uses when considering which player to sign to the club.

The Frenchman believes that the away form of a player goes a long way in revealing the bravery and character of that player and as such, he does not ignore that when recruiting.

“You could say it’s linked more to bravery - your character is more tested away from home,” the manager told Arsenal Player. “At home you feel the players are a bit more protected.

“But what I say to my scouts is, ‘Watch this player for me, but watch him in an away game.’ You want to know how he behaves away from home because usually at home you will be all right.

“If a scout comes to me and says he has found a good player, I ask where he saw him. If it was at home, I tell them to go and watch them away as well because it’s a better test of their character, their bravery and their desire.

“Once a player is good away from home, you can say you will consider him.”

Arsenal are currently second on the away form table having won three of their four Premier League away fixtures so far this season. The only loss came against Chelsea and we all know what happened - the officiating was so so controversial.

Is Wenger's policy of signing only players who are good away from home the reason why Arsenal have a better form away than they have at home?

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