Determined Arsenal Humble Bayern Munich 2-0 in Champions League

Determined Arsenal Beat Bayern  2-0 in Champions League

That awkward moment when your doubters tell you you cannot build a bungalow, you then go on and build a mansion. That was what we saw in the Champions League on Tuesday night when Arsenal faced Bayern Munich.

The result came as a surprise to many pessimists and haters. Before the game, they were all saying that the best Arsenal will get from that game was a loss but what happened? The Gunners proved them all wrong and got a 2-0 win over the Bundesliga outfit.

Olivier Giroud, my real boy, the cutest player as far as I am concerned, came off the bench to break the deadlock. Both sides have had their chances before the French striker came unto the pitch but none of them went in as the teams involved were so careful with their jobs.

In the 77th minute, Giroud headed in a Santi Cazorla free-kick and made the whole world shout 'Halleluyah'. It was not going to end there though tensions were still on high in the hearts of some fans who felt the visitors could grab an equaliser.

Bellerin intercepted the ball halfway into Bayern Munich's half and raced off to provide an assist for Mesut Ozil who struck to double the lead.

There was confusion at this point as it looked as if Neurer made a stunning save but thanks to goal-line technology which revealed that the ball already crossed the line.

It was a great shock for many. Arsene Wenger's men ended Bayern Munich's winning streak. The second leg will be another interesting fixture to watch.

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