Wednesday, 28 October 2015

‘He’ll Become Iniesta!’ Arsenal Fans Happy With Shock Transfer News

‘He’ll become Iniesta!’ Arsenal Fans Happy With Shock Transfer News

It was definitely not a nice night for many Arsenal supporters who experienced their side’s 3-0 demolition by Sheffield Wednesday but right now, there is a development already making a number of them happy.

The squad Wenger deployed last night included a number of youngsters who the Frenchman himself confessed to still be inexperienced and to make matters worse, two other players who could have turned things around got early injuries.

Now that the deed had been done and Arsenal are out of the Capital One Cup, the Arsenal faithfuls seem to have put all that behind them and become happy as they have gotten a talented player back.

Dan Crowley who Barnsley took on a loan spell which was supposed to end in January has been sent back to Arsenal as his deal has been terminated.

The midfielder is a talented one who is seen as the best youngster in the Arsenal youth side and his return is similar to that of Coquelin last season, Many are already comparing him to Messi and Iniesta.

‘He’ll Become Iniesta!’ Arsenal Fans Happy With Shock Transfer News

His return may mean that he will come straight into the first team, something the fans see as a great boost for them.

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