Midfielder in Trouble for Using Drugs Before Arsenal Game

A player of one of Arsenal's group stage opponents in the Champions League has been found guilty of the intake of banned substances. He failed a doping test conducted after the game against Arsenal.

Arijan Ademi of Dinamo Zagreb took illegal substances before kick-off and met his waterloo when results of an examination revealed he took drugs before his side's 2-1 victory over Arsenal.

The 24-year-old featured all through the game on September 16 but now faces the possibility of being suspended for long. Judgement will be passed by the time the results of a B sample is available.

In a statement issued by Dinamo Zagreb, the club confirmed that one of their players broke the rules and will be tried as soon as possible. It read: "We are aware of the results of the doping control test after the Champions League first round match against Arsenal.

"Our player, Arijan Ademi, tested positive, and Uefa has opened proceedings against him.

"According to Uefa rules, Dinamo cannot comment on the case until the B sample is given.

"For years, our players have been regularly subjected to doping controls and nothing like this has ever happened, so we have to say that we are surprised by the result.

"Arijan Ademi was tested six times last year and each time the result was negative. Players have also been tested several times this season by Uefa and the Croatian Anti-Doping Agency and everyone was always negative."

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