Petr Cech Reveals Secret Behind Spectacular Displays in Goal

Petr Cech Reveals Secret Behind Spectacular Displays in Goal

Petr Cech has revealed the secret behind his ability to make spectacular saves. He exposed this in a chat with Arsenal Player.

In that interview which was published by the club's official website, the Czech Republic goalkeeper stated that his careful study of dangerous situations is what has helped him achieve greatness in his playing position so far.

The 33-year-old has made various saves since joining the Gunners from Chelsea but he is more pleased with his display against Liverpool back then in August when Arsenal held the visitors to a goalless draw.

“[My favourite was] probably the first one against Benteke because Gabriel tried to intercept the ball when he ran across the goal, and until the last fraction of a second I didn’t know whether he was going to touch it or not,” Cech told Arsenal Player.

“I had to wait and I also knew that Benteke was already there. I thought, ‘OK I have to wait to see if he deflects it towards his own goal or whether it will go anywhere else’, and then I knew that I would have to go fast to the other side. I was lucky that I had perfect timing to get there.

“Taking information before the situation happens helps. I knew he was running there so I knew that the moment Gabriel missed the ball I had to get there as fast as possible.

“It’s the awareness that I had two options; to wait and then as soon as the ball went past him, knowing that I had to get there. I was ready for that so as soon as I saw that he would not touch the ball I had already gone.

“Maybe it’s a bit of experience, but I would say it’s taking the information prior to the situation. That was the key in this moment.”

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