Cristiano Ronaldo Finally Replies Arsene Wenger

Cristiano Ronaldo has given his take on Arsene Wenger's recent comments in which the Frenchman stated that the Ballon d'Or as an award has done more harm than good to players, and as such, shouldn't be seen as a priority.

While stating his disgust in the annual award, the Arsenal manager said that the Ballon d'Or will only make players aim towards the wrong direction as they would be concerned about getting individual honours, forgetting that they should play as a team to achieve greatness.

The 66-year-old said: “I think the modern world is too much about individuals and we as managers are more worried about the collective.

“I’m not too much of a fan. I’m against the Ballon d’Or, I’m against all these things. I’ve seen careers destroyed because the players are too much obsessed to get individual rewards.

“I feel sometimes it encourages selfishness and people inside the game to go too much for their own sake when some players are in a better position. Even the agents sometimes motivate the players to get individual rewards because they are more valuable on the market after.

“That’s why I’m against it. I’m not a big fan of it.”

Responding to a question regarding Wenger's claim while in London for the premiere of his new movie on Monday night, the Real Madrid star said: “[Those are his] opinions. I respect opinions but that’s it.”

Ronaldo who is the captain of the Portuguese national team has won the Ballon d'Or three times and is in strong contention for this year's edition.

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