FA Want Wenger to Appear and Explain His Premier League Doping Claim

The Football Association have summoned Arsene Wenger to come out and give explanation on what he meant when he said there could be some doping problems in the Premier League.

The Arsenal manager during his most recent interview with French magazine, L'Equipe established the fact that he does not indulge in the act of injecting his players even though he has played against some teams whose paths differ from his.

After making that comment which did not go unnoticed by the FA, they have now invited him to come and reveal to them what he knows about doping cases in the English Premier League.

From what we have been made to understand, Wenger will not be sanctioned as he has not committed any offence. What the body only wants from him is information which can help them in their fight against doping.

Wenger will no doubt honour the invite because he has been in the footballing world for so long and would have one time or the other experienced cases of illegal drug usage. There was even this one which happened in September when Arsenal played Dinamo Zagreb and one of their stars, Arijan Ademi, was found guilty of doping. The culprit will face the jury on November 19 after which we will know what punishment he will get.

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