Petr Cech Throws Out Comments Likely to Hurt Mourinho

Petr Cech's comments on the current state of Chelsea may be seen by many as an indirect swipe at their manager. The Czech international seems to have reminded Jose Mourinho of the role he played in the Blues' crash.

Chelsea have not been the same ever since the 2015/16 season started having lost seven out of twelve Premier League games. They only have eleven points out of a possible thirty-six, something the Arsenal goalkeeper feels is strange for a defending champion.

Their woes are manifesting at a time when Cech has said goodbye to Stamford Bridge and embraced a move to the Emirates Stadium where he is now having a good time.

Cech is not just baffled that his former side have lost touch but also for the fact that they are still languishing in their predicament for so long with a way out seeming hard to get.

“It makes me surprised,” Cech said, as quoted by The Evening Standard.

“It’s a team that six months ago won the league.

“Players stayed there, the coach added more to his liking. It is very hard to believe that the club is in such a state.

“I was surprised to see their suffering at the beginning of the league, but I was even more taken aback by the fact that the crisis still continues.”

Nothing offensive in his comments as far as I am concerned but the target, Mourinho might not take it that way afterall. That it is his ex-player who is even reminding him of this will be a stab on his chest but anyhow it is perceived, the boss has spoken.

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