Arsenal Fans Start Petition to Get Referee Banned

After that humiliating defeat at Southampton on Saturday night, a number of Arsenal fans have gone online to show their anger towards who they think was responsible for the outcome of that match.

The Boxing Day game at the St. Mary Stadium was a very crucial one for Arsenal as they would have become league leaders had they beaten the Saints. It was quite unfortunate that they were unable to capitalize on Leicester’ loss against Liverpool earlier in the day.

The Gunners lost 4-0 to Southampton, a disaster which the fans think was bestowed upon them by the referee of the day, Jonathan Moss. Even the boss Arsene Wenger after the game complained that the first three goals awarded to the hosts were undeserved as they all had blemishes.

The anger of the fans over the referee’s incompetence have made them head to to start a petition. The demand of that petition is that they do not want Moss to take charge of Arsenal matches in the future. There was a similar petition to this in September when the Gunners loss as a result of Mike Deans poor officiating.

The petition which was opened this morning already had 574 signatories as at the last time I checked. However, I do not think the English Football Association will take any action against Moss.

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