Arsenal Goalkeeper Makes Impromptu Return to Chelsea

Arsenal Goalkeeper Makes Impromptu Return to Chelsea

It was so funny how Petr Cech had to return to Chelsea just as a result of an error on the part of sponsors who diverted his gloves to his former club.

Ahead of Arsenal's match with Chelsea at the Emirates Stadium this weekend, Adidas sent Cech's new gloves to Chelsea, forgetting that the Czech international previously left the Blues.

Cech then had to visit the Chelsea training ground, Cobham, where he had a chat with new boss Guus Hiddink before retrieving his gloves.

Speaking about the incident in an interview with pressmen, the Chelsea manager said: 'I was here when Petr showed up. It was nice to see him.

'We had a chat. Almost everyone was gone. We tried to hide them, also we tried to make them slippery but he discovered that.

'They were sent here and we gave them back. That's the story.'

Let's just hope they won't send Arsene Wenger's track suit to Nagoya Grampus Eight in Japan or Olivier Giroud's boots to Montpellier someday.

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