Saturday, 23 January 2016

Arsenal Top Delloite List of World Richest Matchday Clubs

Arsenal Top Delloite List of World Richest Matchday Clubs

According to the latest Deloitte ranking, Arsenal are now the richest club in the whole world based on matchyday revenue generation.

The North-London club raked in a total of  £101.84 millio from games played at the Emirates Stadium last season and this has put them ahead of the likes of Real Madrid, Barcelona and Manchester United on this front.

Real Madrid fall in second position with a total revenue of £100.12 million while Barcelona who are placed next ended up with £90.17million.

The latest development now puts Arsenal in a position where they are now regarded as the top financial power in London. They rank above Chelsea because of their higher matchday revenue as well as their £30million-a-year kit deal with Puma.

It should however be noted that this ranking is not the overall richest list. To know where Arsenal and other teams are on the financial ladder click here.

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