See What an Arsenal Fan Did for Mesut Ozil

I do not think there is any Arsenal fan who hasn't been greatly impressed by the superb back to back performances of Mesut Ozil so far this season. This guy is one of the brains behind our current position on the league table and it is not surprising to see fans react in different ways to his contributions.

The German international has raked a total of sixteen assists in the Premier League this season, the highest across Europe's top five leagues. He also has three goals. All these haven't gone unnoticed and this is evident in the fact that he won the PFA Awards back to back i.e.the ones for November and December.

To show his admiration for Ozil, a fan did something a bit crazy at his wedding ceremony. He stood close to his wife and began to recite a romantic toast which almost put joyful tears in the bride's eyes as she thought the speech was meant for her.

The groom got to the end of his recitation only to make it known that the toast was meant for Mesut Ozil. Laughter filled the air as those around saw it as a funny incident. The wife had to give a playful slap to his husband-to-be.

The fan, Beej Kean said: "All that I hope is that this special person knows from the bottom of my heart how much they truly mean to me."

"I know that it's difficult to find someone who makes you feel this way, and I’m never ever going to take it for granted."

"So can we please raise a toast…to Mesut Ozil."

Ozil has since congratulated the couple on their union and promised to invite the two to the Emirates Stadium on a selected matchday.

Hahaha! How would you have felt if you were in the wife's shoes? Imagine someone throwing some sweet lines which you think are yours, then at the point when you began to blush, that dude said: 'Hey! I wasn't referring to you.'

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