Wenger Gives Reason Why New Signing Will Adapt to the Game

Wenger Gives Reason Why New Signing Will Adapt to the Game

Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger has restated his belief in Mohammed Elneny who recently joined the club in the January transfer window.

The Arsenal boss revealed that the former Basel midfielder was greatly baffled with the level of pressure present in the League when he watched his new club play against Stoke City two weeks ago. However, the Frenchman has no worries as he expects the 23-year-old to easily adapt.

“He’s not a monster,” the manager said. “Typically Middle Eastern people are very [wiry] with a big stamina and very agile.

“Sometimes they lack a bit of power, so he’s not a powerhouse, he's more of a mobility player. That’s why I think he can suit our game.

“Winning the ball is not only down to power, it’s about switching on at the right moment. It’s a technique.

“You have players who are muscular and they lose fights against small players who are very slim because the smaller players are able to switch on at the right moment.

“It’s a real technique to know when to switch on. I remember small defensive midfielders who were unbelievable defensively. They had that kind of technique.

“He’s 23 years old, he played for three years in Basel, won three championships in Switzerland, played against English teams like Chelsea, Manchester United and Liverpool. The next step is a big one for him because to come out of Switzerland and get to the Premier League is not easy but it’s the right age for him.”

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