Arsene Wenger Hits Out at Stars After Avoidable Barcelona Defeat

Arsene Wenger Hits Out at Stars After Avoidable Barcelona Defeat

Arsenal boss, Arsene Wenger has expressed his dissatisfaction with the performance of his players when they lost at home to Barcelona in the first leg of the Champions League last 16.

Arsenal were beaten 2-0, courtesy goals from Lionel Messi, and after the tie that reduced their chances of qualification to the quarter-final, the Frenchman has labelled his players 'naive'.

The Gunners started up well, giving Barcelona a tough time in the first half. They reduced the visitors' chances of hitting the back of the net but also failed to score from the great chances they got just like those from Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Aaron Ransey.

The second half was not so different (as per the negatives) as that was when the game was totally marred. Arsenal conceded twice and ended up gifting out all three points to the Spanish giant, something which made Wenger conclude that they have still failed to learn from their past mistakes.

“Well, Barcelona is a great team but we knew that before that game,” Wenger said.

“We put a lot of energy into the game; I believe technically we were very average overall.

“The regret I have is that once we looked like dominating the game we gave the goal away.

“Similar to Monaco, we were naive. It is frustrating because we looked like winning this game and threw it away.

“That makes it realistically very, very difficult – if not impossible [to go through]. But we have to go there and fight.

“In the final 20 minutes we had the chances but we didn’t score; in the first half we had chances.”

It is rare to see Arsene criticize his players after a game. Having done that this time, it is clear that he is greatly disappointed. The fact that we lost that game in a silly way after holding on well for a greater part of the game makes the experience more annoying.

The damage has been done already so what we can do now is focus on our next Premier League game as we also hope to overturn the result at the Nou Camp.

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  1. Wenger said his players were naive,but he is more naive.How on earth can he bring on Flamini for the Coq? Please Wenger should stop blaming his players.His substitutions last night were terrible.Anyway,the result was not really surprising.Everybody knew that we would lose,and we didnt dissapoint.It was a match for pool betters to make easy money,and i am sure they did.


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