Arsenal Management Set to Summon Arsene Wenger

Arsenal Management Set to Summon Arsene Wenger

Arsenal fans' cries for massive recruitment seems to have yielded results if what we just learnt is anything to go by.

It is believed that the club management have set aside £150m to spend on new players when the summer transfer window opens in June.

The Daily Mirror has it that chief executive, Ivan Gazidis alongside some members of the Arsenal hierarchy want the manager to change his approach in the transfer market and go for the best options. The source further states that a meeting will be held to discuss a possible contract extension for the Frenchman.

Whether this is something to be happy about is the question on my mind for this is not the first time such news will spring up that the club are now ready to spend big. We have been hearing that since the days of Aristotle and Plato, yet it's been the same old story after the close of every transfer season.

Now the management is acting as if over the years, Wenger has been the sole problem when it comes to player recruitment. They want us to believe that they had always made the cash available but our manager is the one who failed to spend.

As far as I am concerned, majority of the Arsenal shareholders are just satisfied with the profit-making aspect of the business, forgetting that silverware is also vital. You all heard what Stan Kroenke said the other time.

Anyway, let us see if there will be a difference this time around. We might just end up signing Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo (just kidding).

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