Arsenal Set to Lose Top Forward by Summer

Sanchez Wants to Leave Arsenal

He did not start the season in top form neither has he found his spark since returning from a hamstring injury few months back. Despite all these, he still remains one of the fans' favourites at the Emirates.

Alexis Sanchez is someone fans and even Arsene WEnger will not be happy to lose but with the Mirror's claim that two top European sides are on the verge of making bids for him, the inevitable may soon happen.

According to the source, Atletico Madrid and Juventus are set to offer tempting deals to the Chilean international when the window opens in the summer.

One might feel the club would do all it can to hold on to the forward but let's have it in mind that the decision would not be up to the club alone to make. Sanchez and his crew will have a big say in the matter.

Arsenal's struggle in recent weeks which has in turn led to their crash out of two competitions  may act as a catalyst to Alexis' departure.

Hey Gunners? What's your say?

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  1. Alexis is a selfish player....!

  2. Arsenal was winning games when Alexis was injured, and what happened when he go come is the division in the field which let us to lost many games. Follow him from the start of the game to end if you want to know what I am talking. He doesn't have a quality to play in Arsenal style of play.

  3. Alexis Sanchase doesn't fit Arsenal's playing style, because his is too selfish and kill the game of other player's on the field let him go as it has been done by Barcelona.


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