Arsenal Star Finally Free From Health Hazard

Iwobi food poisoning

There was news reported here concerning the health status of one Arsenal player who suffered a nutritional hazard while on international duty with his country yesterday.
It was Alex Iwobi who was the centre of attraction after reports emerged that the 19-year-old Arsenal youngster had to miss training with his colleagues as a result of a food poisoning case.

The incident actually occurred but it was not as serious as some sources made it look. He ate salad in camp, the same thing others ate but his body system was not in support of that so it reacted and he had to be given urgent medical treatment.

Later in the evening, he became better and appeared in training even though reports have it that he had a separate session. He worked with the team’s physio in order to build up stamina. Shortly after, he was involved in some aerobic exercises before having some light ball work and jogging.

Iwobi is alright, there is no cause for panic. Just keep calm and watch him pledge allegiance to Nigeria when they play Egypt in an African Nations Cup qualifier match this Friday.

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