Arsene Wenger Speaks On Zlatan Ibrahimovic Interest

Arsene Wenger Speaks On Zlatan Ibrahimovic Interest

Arsene Wenger during his pre-Everton press conference answered a number of questions ranging from the fate of English teams in the Champions League, the quality of Roberto Martin ez and so on but the one this post focuses on is the topic of player recruitment.

Being that Arsenal are currently being linked with a move for Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the Frenchman was quizzed on the authenticity of the news and as usual, he denied interest in the veteran striker. He stated that there are no plans for recruitment at the moment.

"At the moment, no, we are not on that case", Wenger said. "We have other worries at the moment. It's short-term. Even at 34, he's had a great season at PSG. 

"You can understand my priority ahead of Everton is not the transfer market or signings next season. I'm just surprised by the name you've thrown at me. We're not thinking of signing anybody at the moment."

Arsenal will visit Goodison Park to play Everton on Saturday as they hope to restore any hopes of winning the Premier League.

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