Arsenal Star Under Fire for Off-the-Pitch Behaviour

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This news is not as fresh as it should be because the incident about to be reported occurred over the weekend. Nevertheless, it is not a bad idea letting those who have not heard about it know.

Jack Wilshere made the news this week over another nightclub incident. He was reportedly seen conversing with a policeman after the injury-prone star had been evicted from a nightclub in the early hours of Sunday. 

According to news sources, the England international was involved in a heated argument which spilled out onto the street. It was also said that a man who is a nightclub promoter claimed that Wilshere punched him, an allegation the midfielder denied. 

Different reactions have sprung up from various quarters over the recent happening. Fans have expressed their displeasure as they seem to be fed up with Wilshere抯 off-the-pitch behaviour. They feel he will not have a nice career if he keeps swimming in the ocean of controversy.

It would be unfair to castigate the midfielder for something we know little or nothing about. Going to the nightclub isn抰 a crime after all and concerning the brawl, we will have to hear the side of the player. Who knows if the media were just trying to cook up something for the front pages. 

The fact that the police did not charge him for any offence clearly shows he did nothing wrong. 

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