PICTURES: Ex-Gunner Cuts Off Hair of Internet Blogger

This one is highly hilarious and at the same time pitiable. Watch what you post on social media/the internet for you know not who is watching.

A blogger, by name Peter Volikova has been rewarded with what he never thought would come his way after publicly making a vow to shave his head if Andre Arshavin scores more than seven goals this season.

After the former Arsenal man joined Kazakhstanian side Kairat, the blogger who had already lost faith in the Russian's capabilities posted online that he will have his hair taken off if he meets that goal tally. He never knew that Arshavin saw that post.

Arshavin after 25 games scored his eight and demanded to do the shaving himself. It was not a nice moment for Volikova whose hair Arshavin toyed with.

Hahaha! Still laughing here. But this guy got no joy. Has he got no forgiving spirit? What's your say on this?

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