Top Defender Reveals How Arsenal Annoyed Him

Bellerin Reveals How Arsenal Annoyed Him

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Hector Bellerin has revealed he was frustrated by Arsenal when he newly joined the club some years ago.

According to the Spanish international, he used to play as a winger at Barcelona but had to be converted to a right-back because the Arsenal scouts who watched him play in that position towards the end of his stay at Barcelona felt he would be better off there.

This annoyed the defender but he had to embrace that proposal and even though it looked tough at the beginning, he is now happy he switched roles.

He told Sport magazine: “When I was at Barcelona I played as a winger.

“It was only in my last one or two years there i played a few games as a right back - not more than five.

“But at one of them there was an Arsenal scout and they said: ‘Okay, this guy has to be a right-back.’

“When Arsenal told me at the beginning I was a bit frustrated you know, thinking I like to be an attacker.

“But I soon realised what their vision was for me and how they saw me as a right-back.

“In the beginning learning a new position was not easy.

"But I’m feeling comfortable now. I’m really happy with whoever’s idea that was, because maybe if I was still a winger I wouldn’t be where I am.”

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