English FA To Deduct Points From Chelsea

English FA To Deduct Points From Chelsea

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Reports in the media today are claiming that Chelsea are on the verge of losing some points in the Premier League.

The Blues faced Manchester City last weekend and the fracas that ensued between the two sides is what could be termed 'mass misconduct' as per Premier League rules.

A brawl involving all 22-players plus substitutes and other club officials after a Sergio Aguero X-rated challenge on David Luiz has prompted the FA to set up a disciplinary panel which is currently looking into the matter.

This is the fifth time in 19 months that Chelsea would appear before panels for improper conduct and it seems the punishment this time will go beyond fines they paid on previous occasions.

They were warned the last time that should such an incident reoccur in future, they may have to settle for points deduction and now that they have gone against the rule once again, it is believed that they will be losing points.

The FA statement read: “The Board is satisfied the greater fine on Chelsea fairly reflects its role in the incident and its lamentable recent record for failing properly to control its players.

“The time cannot be too far distant when a Commission concludes the only proper sanction is a points deduction.
The last time any top-flight Premier League side suffered such sanction was in 1990 when Arsenal and Manchester United got two points and one point deducted respectively for a fracas at Old Trafford

We will now have to wait to see if this will come to reality or not. I pray it comes to pass. If you are in church right now, please pray hard. Hahaha!

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