REVEALED: Why Alexis Sanchez Has Clicked In His New Role

REVEALED: Why Alexis Sanchez Has Clicked In His New Role

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Alexis Sanchez has switched to a new role since the beginning of the season and he hasn't failed to impress in that centre-forward position.

It wasn't a smooth-sailing experience for the Chilean at the beginning but he worked so hard to scale every obstacle in order to click into the position.

Arsene Wenger has now revealed the secret behind the progress of the 27-year-old. He made it clear that even though Alexis found it hard to adapt from the start, he still had belief in him.

“He has developed very well as a centre forward because he has found a good mixture between coming short and going in behind,” Wenger said. “He has more freedom as well and he takes advantage of his short technique in the middle much more.

“I always saw that in Alexis and I must honestly say that when I played him there last year or two years ago I was wrong. The times I tried him through the middle were not convincing and I even remember against Everton I changed it at half-time.

“Sometimes when you have too many players you cannot attempt something which isn’t immediately conclusive because you’re under pressure. If it doesn’t work in one or two games and you have a top player on the bench, you’re tempted to change it very early.

“However, this year it clicked very early in the season because he took advantage of the fact Olivier Giroud was not here and not ready, so I was able to give him a run of games and he’s accepted that role very well.”

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