Scariest, Poorly Fashioned, Funniest, Arsenal Players Revealed By Winger

Scariest, Poorly Fashioned, Funniest, Arsenal Players Revealed By Winger

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Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has revealed attributes of some of his Arsenal teammates, ranging from 'the funniest' to the 'worst fashioned' individuals.

The English international in a Teammate Series 2.0 discussed the personality various players possess off the field of play.

He saif that Santi cazorla is that man who plays tricks on everyone in training before going on to praise him for his numerous talents despite his lack of physical characteristics.

He said: "Santi. I think, first and foremost, his whole physicality it defies everything everyone say you have to be, to be a footballer. He's not big, quick or strong. In the lunch queue he'd be lining up with the under-16s and doesn't look out of place!

"His first touch, his right foot and left foot are identical. He takes corners with his left, and then 10 minutes later he takes them with his right. That's unbelievable.

"He's forever nutmegging people. He literally just passes it through people's legs. He just tip toes around you and off he goes with a little 'Ole!'"

Quizzed on who possesses the worst sense of fashion, Chamberlain picked a certain Arsenal reserve goalkeeper.

He continued: "I love him, he's a great guy, but Emi Martinez. He has some rascal gear, straight out of Argentina. Never seen some of the clobber, he comes in, in England before. It's interesting to say the least! He had a pair of jeans on the other day that were camo-beige with white patches on them. It was all over the place. Very odd."

For the 'selfie king' and 'scariest squad member' awards, the former Southampton man named Carl Jenkinson and Gabriel Paulista respectively.

He said: ​"Carl Jenkinson. He's got a good few selfies out there. He did a great one, the other day, of him in a big woolly coat in the snow. Probably the most boring picture I've ever seen!

"He was on a little nature adventure. He'd just been watching Frozen and Planet Earth. He loves David Attenborough so I think he was going for a rendition of that.

"The stone cold killer is Gabriel. He's a scary guy. I imagine him to be the ring leader of favelas in films from Brazil!"

The last picks were the 'least baggage' and 'funniest. Alex Iwobi was in for the first while Rob Holding occupied the second slot.

"Alex Iwobi takes the least amount (of luggage). He doesn't even take a laptop! He just takes his phone and his afro comb, and that's it. You need a good TV series to get you through the away days, and he just takes his phone.

"Rob Holding is funny, but he's one of those who doesn't mean to be! He's just a bit dopey!"

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