WATCH: Striker Digs Out Charm From Opponents' Goalpost

WATCH: Striker Digs Out Charm From Opponents' Goalpost

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A Happy New Day, New Week and a Year to you Gunners! I hope you'll capitalise on opportunities the more in 2017. It's never too late to make amends.

This news is not in any way related to Arsenal. However, it has a link with football and it's strange nature is the reason we deemed it necessary to share it here with you.

There was bizarre news in the footballing world last week. It had to do with some supernatural/voodoo stuff.

The said incident occurred in the Rwandan league during a game between Rayon FC and Mukura. Moussa Camara whose side was trailing 1-0 few minutes to fulltime fired a shot which to his surprise failed to go in.

He became suspicious and went to the opponents' goalpost to pick out something believed to be a charm after which he was able to grab an equaliser.

Questions were raised as to whether the team which reportedly used the voodoo will be punished but the FA has come out to tag Camara's act as 'unacceptable' and has vowed to sanction anyone who springs up any suspicions of witchcraft.

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