Arsene Wenger Speaks Out On Resignation Speculations

Arsene Wenger Speaks Out On Resignation Speculations

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Arsene Wenger has resounded his desire to continue his coaching job at Arsenal despite suggestions that he might be set to say goodbye to the club soon.

Ian Wright was live on BBC 5 last night and it was on that occasion that he revealed that from the look of things, the Frenchman is already jaded.

“I get the impression that that’s it," the former Arsenal striker said. "He looks tired. You just feel that he looks winded. I feel that he will go at the end of the season.”

“He actually mentioned that he is coming to the end. I have never heard him say that before.”

Reacting to the claim after his side's 2-0 win over Hull City on Saturday, Wenger said: “I don’t know what Ian Wright said."

“It was questions and answers. I could be tired because I get up early in the morning and I finish late at night, so I am tired, yes.

“But I didn’t give any indication about my future. We had a little dinner before but it was not the two of us. There were four or five.

“You know I appreciate very much that you want me to rest, absolutely. But I am not ready for that yet.”

With this, the WengerOut campaigners who are hoping for his exit in the near future will have to wait a little longer.

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