Monday, 13 February 2017

Former Club Star Predicts Doom for Arsenal Against Bayern Munich

Former Club Star Predicts Doom for Arsenal Against Bayern Munich

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A former Arsenal goalkeeper has given his previous club no chance against Bayern Munich as he feels they lack the ability to compete on the big front.

According to Jens Lehman, the outcome of the tie will not be in any way different from what we have seen in recent years when the Gunners were paired with the Bavarians.

Speaking on the game which is to be played on Wednesday, the goalkeeper who won FA Cup and Premier League titles during his five-year stay at Arsenal said: “Arsenal should be favourites against Bayern simply on the law of averages,”

“When two good sides play each another repeatedly it is very unlikely for one to win all the time

“But when I look at the way Arsenal are playing right now, they are to my mind the outsiders once again.

“They have not been in top form in the decisive games in the Premier League.”

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