Arsenal Give Consolation to Fans After Horrific Week

Arsenal Give Consolation to Fans After Horrific Week

It's quite frustrating how Arsenal had a bad time while I was away from here in the last eight days. Just like many supporters, it was like a nightmare to me even though that wasn't my first time of seeing our team misbehave in grand style.

It all started with that 3-1 loss at Anfield on March 4. I was able to watch just the first half before my internet connection went totally bad. Maybe it was an attempt by my service provider to save me the pains of viewing such a lacklustre display from a set of over-pampered lads.

That result marred my birthday which was to come up the next day and while I was still hoping for a post-birthday present from the game against Bayern Munich (I wasn't expecting us to qualify though), the monster brought up its ugly head once again. It was just a repeat of the first leg. 5-1! Ooops!

The agitation for change after we crashed out of the Champions League was so much. The WengerOut campaign was as loud as never before and I won't blame those who were strongly behind it. or don't you think it's annoying to see your team end up in the same disaster every season with no hope of better days?

Okay, so they were out to cool our temper with a 5-0 win over a national league side after the many heartbreaks they've made us suffer. That win over Lincoln City isn't something that should distract the fans from holding on to their demands.

Yes, it shouldn't because the only special thing about that win is that it has secured a place for us at Wembley. Whether we will even win the trophy is another question on many's lips and even if we do, that isn't enough success for us. We want the Premier League, we also need the Champions League.

We're going to play in the semi-finals sometimes around April so go get your yellow ribbons out of the wardrobe. I guess they'll be dusty by now. Lol.

Arsenal's opponent for the penultimate round of the Emirates FA Cup will be discovered during the draw which is scheduled to hold on Monday night.

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