I Hated Gibbs and He Didn't Like Me Either

Kieran Gibbs and Danny Welbeck are one of the best pals in the Arsenal team but the relationship didn't look good in previous times.

At youth level, they played against each other and as it usually is with opposition, hate usually comes in and that was exactly what transpired between the duo.

In an interview on the Arsenal official website, Welbeck revealed the war that existed betwen them back in those days.

“It doesn’t feel like 10 years at all,” Welbeck said. “I was speaking to Gibbo and Ox about it not long ago at all, talking about Gibbo being a flying left winger. I hated coming up against him. It was mad.

“I knew everything about their team, they knew everything about us. I was only 15, Gibbo was 16 I think. It was a mad time.

“Then, me and Gibbo disliked each other. Playing against him I thought ‘I don’t like this guy’. But now we’re proper close, we’re good friends so it’s crazy how things change.

“I was playing right wing and Gibbo was playing left wing. I remember the goal at the Emirates, where Gibbo scored, came down my side. I thought ‘that can’t happen’.

“After the game, we had analysis with Paul McGuinness, the youth team manager. You’d go through everything and think ‘that’s not happening again’.

“In the next leg we put it right and it was just a great feeling. I scored the winner and sent Gibbo back home! I put us through to the final, it was nice.”

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