Star Reveals How He Forced Move to Arsenal

Star Reveals How He Forced Move to Arsenal

In his recent autobiography which is being serialised on German newspaper outlet, Bild, Mesut Ozil made a number of revelations like the one posted here yesterday.

There is this other one in which the midfielder stated how he got in contact with Arsene Wenger after things went wrong for him at Real Madrid.

According to him, his dad didn't handle proceedings in a professional manner during negotiations with club president Florentino Perez and that affected him greatly at that time.

“He [Ozil’s father] did not have the experience of a dozen negotiations with big club bosses, and that’s why he, to be honest, lacked the serenity to adequately deal with such a provoking offer.

“It was certainly not right to leave the office fuming mad, and slamming the door to Perez’s business room with a bang. I couldn’t envisage that it could have consequences for me.

“But I fell out of favour with the club bosses despite not doing anything. I feared being sat in the stands. And suddenly I needed to act for my career. To no longer play at all was no question for me.”

With his stay at the Bernabeu somewhat shaky, Ozil had to make a sharp move and what did he do. You used to call me on my, you used to, you used to.. Ok, hotline bling things. Lol.

“Even though it wasn’t easy for me at the start, I dialled a number I had in my cell since 2010.

“‘Mr. Wenger,’ I said. ‘I promised to contact you first if there would be the opportunity that I am looking for a new club. It’s here now.’

“There was this man with the calm voice, the winning manner and the smart words which showed that he really wanted me on his team.

“Wenger scouted me for three years and gave me a much better feeling than Carlo Ancelotti did at Real at that time.”

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