Arsenal Fan Compares Arsene Wenger to Robert Mugabe

An Arsenal fan who claims to have lived in Zimbabwe has compared Arsene Wenger's reign at the club to that of the African dictator Robert Mugabe.

Fans have been calling for the exit of the Frenchman from the club but it looks as if he has all it takes to remain there even if it's against the wish of many.

The same is the case with Mugabe who has ruled Zimbabwe for close to 40 years and has no plans to step down anytime soon.

Speaking in an interview, the disgruntled fan stated that Wenger is on the verge of ruining Arsenal the same way Mugabe has ruined his own country.

The fan said: “I used to live in Zimbabwe and I’ve watched Robert Mugabe ruin the country, and Wenger is doing the same. He’s the Mugabe of Arsenal.”

Mugabe is already 93 years of age and the fact that he has ruled for so long makes many want him off that post but he seems not to be done yet. Even his wife said he could contest elections as a corpse.

Wenger on the other hand has been Arsenal manager for 20 years but it isn't yet clear if he will be leaving anytime soon despite the team's lack of success in many years.

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