Arsenal's Stance on Sanchez

The transfer market this season has definitely had its fair share of surprises with a number of top players already sold for astronomical fees and a few more being linked away from their current clubs of which a lucid example is that of Alexis Sanchez and Arsenal

With the return of Alexis Sanchez to training and Wenger’s constant reiteration of his desire to keep the Chilean at least for the foreseeable future regardless of several rumours being made about offers from other clubs particularly Man city, the question now is: Is keeping Sanchez really a good deal? To answer that question we may have to consider two factors. One of which is his off-field value (monetary). Valued at over £50 million, withholding such a valuable asset as Sanchez may be considered a business blunder especially if he fails to sign a new contract at arsenal at the end of the season and is allowed to go on a free transfer—which is likely. If sold now and of course the proceeds channelled towards needed reinforcements, the financial risk will appear less. Another factor that is being considered by Arsenal—and probably the most important—is his on-field value. Unarguably Arsenal’s best on-field player last season, Sanchez had the highest goal and assist tally.

The Chilean provided a total of 24 goals and 10 assists in the premier league alone, making him the team’s best bet going forward. He also showed a work rate that was second to none in the team. His statistics speaks volume of him in general and that is obviously why Arsenal are willing to do almost anything to keep him, even going as far as making a financial risk that’s well over £50 million by deciding to keep him. The reality is, even if Arsenal were to sell him off, there is a very slim chance that they will be able to get a like-for-like replacement that will produce the same level of creativity and offensive threat as Sanchez does for the team.

Since Sanchez isn’t currently forcing his way out of the club, keeping him for another year looks like quite the deal especially when we consider the fact that one of his potential destinations is that of a rival team. Arsenal could easily become the laughing stock in transfer dealings again if they succumb to the current pressure of Sanchez’s contract situation. That is probably one of the reasons why the club is holding out for a free transfer next season at worst.

If (and that’s a big if) Wenger could, however, manage to get him tied to a contract at the end/before the turn of the season, it would easily be one of Arsenal’s best dealings in recent times. Not just because they were able to keep their best player but also because it shows that the club has a level of control in the transfer market as a top team should—something desirous of its fans.

By Maze

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