A New Era at Arsenal

It is a new era at Arsenal Football Club. This is the revolution many have awaited for more than one decade and now that it has come to reality, they are high up in the moon hoping for something better.

It is not a thing of surprise to hear many supporters talk about their high expectations from the newly appointed manager, Unai Emery. This is down to the lack of spark from the past administration headed by Arsene Wenger. As prolific as he might have been at the initial stages of his tenure at Arsenal, we all know that things did not play out well for him at some point in time. This is evident in the fact that Arsenal never won a league trophy after the 2003/04 season which was the year of the Invincibles.

The Frenchman also failed to lay hold of the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League trophy despite being close in 2006 and his last season respectively. During the latter reign of Wenger at the Emirates Stadium, the fans were only consoled by three FA Cup trophies after a long drought and successive top four finishes which have been unattainable in the last two seasons.

9ice said in his song 'Street Credibility' and I quote "Omo na turn by turn..." and that is what has come to play at our dear club at the moment. Wenger has completed the mission for which he was sent and now it is Unai's turn to lead us to the Promised Land which we have yearned to get to. It is time to have a taste of new wine.

Having said all these, I still hold Wenger in high esteem (never wanted him to leave in the first place). He transformed our club to what it is today and the foundation he laid will go a long way in aiding anyone who will be filling the managerial slot from Unai to eternity. He took us forty-nine games unbeaten in the Premier League and strove to ensure that we left Highbury for our new home, the Emirates Stadium among others. He will forever be in my heart and I wish him all the best. I am hoping to see his face on TV by the time the 2018 World Cup begins in Russia on 14th June. That alone will give me orgasm. Lol.

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