Leno: First Choice Or Understudy to Petr Cech?

Yes, who's there? Leno? Oh you can come in. I have been waiting for you all day. Lol. Good evening readers. I believe your day has been a splendid one so far. As for those whose countries are fighting it out at the World Cup in Russia, hope it hasn't been a hell of heartbreak for you. Ok let's go on to business.

The new era at Arsenal seems to have a lot of goodies in stock for us (I mean in terms of transfers and desire for success). When compared to previous years, we will observe that deals are moving faster this time. Earlier on, we witnessed the arrival of Stephan Li.. Li.. Em. Oh my God! That name is giving me issues. Did I just hear you say Lichtsteiner? Yes, that's it! I am talking about the full back we signed from Juventus.

Stephan is 34 years of age, a fact some have been critical of as they are of the opinion that a player with such an age shouldn't be considered at a big club like Arsenal. To me such premise doesn't hold water as we have seen players of his age bringing results. His contributions at his former club Juventus cannot be underestimated. In seven years, he made 257 appearances, winning the league seven times. As the captain of his national team, he will also bring along leadership qualities which have been lacking at the Emirates for so long. We wish him all the best and since he switched as a free agent, we have less to lose if the unexpected happens.

This might be the end of Petr Cech's number 1 spot at Arsenal. Why? Leno Bernd is here. The German goalkeeper who previously worked with Bayern Leverkusen became a Gunner on Tuesday after passing a medical. According to what we gathered, £20million was what Arsenal paid to get the 26-year-old and it's interesting to know that he was the second best shot stopper in the Bundesliga after Manuel Neuer.

How Unai Emery plans to operate that slot is unknown to me but if I were him, I will push Leno between the sticks straight away. Cech did us a lot of harm last season. Too many silly errors from him cost us numerous points. I am not saying he should be totally sent out. All I want is for him to be demoted. That way, he will be challenged and possibly improve. Competition isn't bad after all, is it?

Now that we have Leno, Ospina, and Cech, there are high chances that one of the last two will be sent packing but who will that be? Let me end by asking you this question: Ospina or Cech? Who would you rather keep at the club?

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