Angry Arsenal Coach Shouts at Player After Chelsea Defeat

It looks like we are beginning to see some of the attributes we have missed in the Arsenal team for so long going by club happenings since the summer.

In recent years for instance, you'll hardly see a manager publicly go mad at a player for an error commuted in the course of playing on the pitch. This occured after our second loss of the season.

From what we gathered from Football London, one member of the Arsenal coaching crew who is an assistant to Unai Emery was visibly angry with Lucas Torreira at the close of the game.

Arsenal secured an equaliser through Henrikh Mhikitaryan and Alex Iwobi shortly after trailing the Blues by two goals but the Gunners' hopes of winning was crashed when the hosts sent in a late winner through Marcus Alonso.

In the build-up to that goal, Eden Hazard laid the ball to Alonso who bypassed Torreira to send one into the net.

This reportedly annoyed Carlos Carcedo who approached the new Arsenal signing at the end of the game and had a heated discussion with him.

He was in rage as he pointed towards the spot from where the goal was scored. They were together discussing for more than a minute before Carcedo left for the tunnel, leaving the Uruguayan midfielder who went on to applaud the travelling fans.

The Chelsea encounter was Arsenal's second defeat in two Premier League games so far this season. They are still pointless as chances gotten especially in the first half were not well utilized.

Unconverted goal chances by Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Mhikitaryan and Iwobi cost us but Emery still praised the team for some positives in the game.

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