Bayern Munich President Comes For Ozil Once Again

Bayern Munich President Uli Hoeness has once again resumed his attacks on Mesut Ozil after the latter's announcement of retirement from international duty.

The Arsenal midfielder opted for a premature departure from the Germany national side following ill prejudicial treatment he received from supporters before, during and after the Russia 2018 World Cup.

Post-tournament, a picture of him and the Turkish President surfaced, fueling claims that he is in no way committed to the success of Germany.

The contest began and he was lashed at on a number of occasions for losses suffered by his team in the group stage. They crashed out and the criticisms became more tense. All these put Ozil in a state where the concluded that his efforts have not been appreciated and as such, he should call it quit.

While the development was backed by many football lovers, there were a few who it did not go well with and one of such people is Hoeness.

At that time, he slammed Ozil, saying that the former Real Madrid star had been 'shit for years'. The Munich leader sure did not like the aftermath of that statement of his.

Now the ex-convict has come out again to attack Ozil, calling him a well marketed product whose image is better than his actual self, after getting news that the 29-year-old is one of Unai Emery's captain.

“We would have been spared the whole theatre," said Hoeness. “Ozil should have been forced to make a statement.

"But leaving that without explanation was probably the biggest mistake ever.

“I’ve been watching the player for a long time and he’s a well-marketed product whose image is a lot better than he is, which is the only big blame for me.

“Had Low gone to Arsenal more often in London and looked at him properly, he probably would not have taken him for sporting reasons.

“It is a miracle that he is now [one of the] captain at Arsenal.”

Hoeness would be fortunate if his latest rant is not reacted to in the same manner his first was acted upon.

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