Shareholder Breaks Silence on Arsenal Sale

We've got something to validate yesterday's talk of transferof club part-ownership to one of the business dons on the American continent,

Tuesday came as a sad day to Arsenal supporters as the news of an impending sole ownership of their lovely club made the rounds. It was said that majority shareholder Stan Kroenke, a figure who fans have reprimanded for his lack of concern for the club in the past years, has agreed to pay a whopping £550 million in order to acquire the 30% stock belonging to Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov.

Usmanov has come out to clear the air over this issue and as it is, what was revealed to us is actually going to happen.

"I have decided to sell my shares in Arsenal, which could be the best football club in the world," he said.

Usmanov has in the past tried so hard to purchase Kroenke's but the latter has bluntly refused to sell on all occasions, the most recent being that of May 2017 when a £1 billion bid was made by the metal magnate.

The latest move, if successful, will make Kroenke the holder of 97% of the club's shares automatically giving him the legal right to snap up the remaining 3% belonging to a number of fans. If you were wondering why supporters fumed at the news, this is it.

With the previous ownership structure, the supporters were involved, meaning they had a say to some extent. There was transparency and the financial reports were made public. Now, all these will be no more. Isn't it enough grounds to go crazy?

Imagine how things will be now. When the supporters had 3%,, their cries were not completely acted upon especially in the area of transfers. What will happen now that tables have turned? O god of football! Come and save your people.

What saddens me is that this is coming at a time when there is joy in our hearts for the revolution going on at the club. I just hope Unai Emery will not be a victim of Kroenke's lacklustre attitude towards Arsenal.

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